May 18, 2008


Today my littlest one will finally be getting baptized. I decided to have Grandma (who, unfortunately, won't attend our children's baptisms) take the older 2 last night, in light of all the difficulties we've been having with our middle daughter. Adding extra church time on top of the hour she can't handle seemed unwise!

I'm a bit embarrassed that it took 9 weeks to get it done, but I made the mistake of asking my husband to handle making the appointment, which means of course I eventually did it after I got sick of hearing "I'll do it tomorrow."

But that's okay! It's getting done in an hour and half, so yay!

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Mrs Pea said...

Many congratulations to your sweet baby, a new little sister in Christ.

(and Katie, reading your conversion story is very moving. Praise God for His mercy)