June 18, 2008

The 2008-2009 school year will be our first year homeschooling. I had always wanted to homeschool, from the time Bailey was just a wee lil' lass, but my husband was never very keen on the idea. When we began our conversion process he was very insistent on enrolling her in the nearest Catholic school for pre-school (20 minutes away!! In another county!!) But since I have a tendency to hog the pants in the family, I decided to acquiesce to request in support of him actually making a decision for once. She attended 2 years of pre-K and Kindergarten there, and while we liked the school, it just made no financial sense to continue. Tuition was $205 a month, and driving that far twice a day added another $200 or so just in gas. Plus uniform fees, lunches, and all the extra things that cropped up. I can't believe we actually managed to send her that long, when we only make around 28K a year! We live right next to an elementary school (quite literally, it's like a 2 minute walk), but neither of us are comfortable with public school for a variety of reasons (like the total disregard for parental rights). So YAY my husband agrees to give homeschooling a chance, thanks in large part to finding a great Catholic homeschool group.

Mostly I'm excited and confident, but it's peppered with moments of absolute terror! (I tend to be anxious and high-strung, have you noticed?) Will I give her too much work, or not enough? Too hard or too easy? Will she be a socially inept pariah or will she crack under the strain of so many extracurricular activities?


I'm sure we'll be fine. Right?

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catherine said...

Yes!! Yes!! It will be alright!! Just breathe - it's not about *how much* - it's about *how*, after all, who better to teach your children than their mother. Nobody can do a better job than you. You'll be fine!