June 5, 2008

Adoration (kind of)

Note to self:

Do not take baby to adoration.

Bad idea.

While the mental image of sitting in front of the Blessed Sacrament with two of your little angels is quite alluring and terribly sweet, the reality is that your older one is going to want to clamor up the stairs to sit in the balcony you never let her play in and spend the whole time loudly "whispering" MOMMY! and waving excitedly at you while feebly attempt to placate the littlest one at the breast (which isn't easy when you have to turn and make the SHHHHH gesture every five seconds).

I'm sure the Lord got a kick out of it, but maybe next time you should leave the tired and cranky baby with daddy for a little while so you can focus on your eldest a little more.

Shortest adoration ever, but the 15 minute drive was still worth the 20 minutes we got to spend with Jesus. And it was pretty endearing when my 6 year old begged to sit up front so she could see Him better (until the balcony began it's sweet serenade, anyway).

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Mrs Pea said...

I went to the vigil mass alone this saturday and it was so surreal to be able to enjoy Jesus in that way, with my total focus. I know it was a good opportunity but I did miss snuggling my baby and my son. A Grandma in front of me was snuggling her boy, and I wanted to ask to borrow him!

I hope you enjoy adoration next time with less distractions.