July 22, 2008

A friend of mine is moving down to Texas soon, so the kids and I set out to visit some before she leaves (which will be this Saturday). It's a 15-20 minute drive, half of which is out in the country. It was like the animal gauntlet.

First, I almost smashed right into a huge heron in the middle of the road (they blend in!) I had to slam on my brakes and swerve to miss him. Then some deer ran out in front of me...and then some more deer.

And then I saw a fawn (still spotted and everything) with its leg stuck in a wire fence struggling to break free. So I flipped the van around and jumped out (and called my friend, freaking out). Thankfully just a minute after I pulled over and started surveying the damage, a man in a truck drove by and I flagged him down and got him to help me free the deer (he didn't seem particularly enthusiastic, but I thanked him non the less). My inner damsel in distress kicked in I basically caressed and soothed the little deer (she was crying!) while he did all the work, occasionally casting a glance back to her bloody leg and gasping (okay, well I did hold her down to keep her from thrashing, so it's not like I did nothing). He finally managed to get that leg free, and I got her other leg out. She promptly ran right back into the fence and got her back legs tangled again. Thankfully they were easily popped out and she bounded off into the forest. Oh, and in the midst of the struggle my eldest daughter came out begging to touch the deer "But I've never got to touch a baby deer before!" which gave the guy a chuckle. I sighed at her to touch her head and then GET BACK IN THE VAN! Afterwards I encouraged her to ask St. Francis to pray for the little dear.

Lord, Your love flows to all your earthly creatures. We ask that you cast your loving glance at the little wounded deer and keep her in your tender arms as she heals. Grant our petition through the intercession of dear St. Francis of Assisi, who loved and honored You through all Your creatures.

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