July 4, 2008

Obama moving more to the center?

Not surprising, most candidates do, but one thing stuck out to me-

Obama also said "mental distress" should not count as a health exception
that would permit a late-term abortion, saying "it has to be a serious physical
issue," addressing a matter considered crucial to abortion rights activists.

This makes me slightly less terrified of the FOCA. But even with "a serious physical issue" there's still no reason to have a late-term abortion! If the baby is viable, then deliver it and try to save it! Once again, I think the insistance on the "right" to late-term abortion has to do with wanting women to be able to abort babies found to have problems.

And anyone who doesn't think a late-term abortion will cause "mental distress" must have really bought the "just a clump of cells" lie hook, line, and sinker.


Angie said...

Totally off subject here, so forgive me.

Here I am, bopping around to blogs on the Catholic Mothers Online blog roll (you know, I do that from time to time to check that people have their coding on, etc.)...

Anyway...I saw your profile picture and said, "Katie?" And, then I looked and saw that it said Katie in Indiana. So, if I'm wrong, then you'll think I'm insane (since it's hard to really see you in the picture), but is this Katie as in Katie from the CHILD group?

Katie said...

Yes, it's me! :D