July 17, 2008

TT #2, N Edition

Thirteen Things about Katie "N" addition

1. I was a total Nirvana junkie when I was a
preteen...I like I was 12 when Kurt died!

2. When I was in 2nd grade I wanted to be an
astronaut and work for NASA.

3. I'm part Native American. Tsalagi (aka
Cherokee) to be exact, on both sides of my
family, though mostly paternally.

4. I love nature, my favorite thing to do on a
beautiful day is to take a nature hike with
the kids!

5. November is one of my favorite months,
because I love autumn, my favorite season!

6. I love just about any type of asian noodle,
but I hate spaghetti.

7. I lost my necklace with my crucifix and two
Marian medals while I was pregnant, and still
haven't found it. :( St. Anthony is busy!

8. Raw nuts, particularly almonds, are one of my
favorite snacks!

9. I had my nose pierced briefly as a teenager, but
took it out because it felt like I had a huge
booger hanging out all the time.

10. Neville Longbottom is one of my favorite
Harry Potter characters. He's dorky and
sweet and brave when he needs to be!

11. I read a lot about nutrition and have a pretty
good working knowledge of it. This tends to
irritate the people I know in real life, though
my oldest daughter thinks it's neat and loves
to ask me questions about food.

12. I live in North-western Indiana.

13. There are nine letters in "Katie Jean" my
nick-name + my middle name! (Can you tell
I'm running out of things??)

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Bellezza said...

I love nature and November, too!

Denise Patrick said...

Nature hikes in November - great combination. And, I didn't think you were running out of stuff. I love doing interesting things with names!

Happy TT!

Allison Says said...

Cute list! I love raw nuts, too. My favorites are pecans :)

I also wanted to be an astronaut when I was a child!

Happy TT!

Harmony said...

Thanks for stopping by my TT, glad you liked the jokes! Great TT, neat to learn more about others!

Angie said...

I love Autumn too! Heck, I love it so much, you could say Autumn is my middle name. Well, that and the fact that that's what my Mom wrote on the birth certificate. ;)

Fun list!

(I love Nirvana too!)

Katie said...

Ha! I love Autumn as a name, too, I just haven't been able to work it into any of our girls' names yet. Maybe someday...