August 23, 2008

Biden. Not impressed.

Biden, Obama's VP, is a pro-abortion Catholic who pays lip service to the Church's teaching on when life begins.

Still not voting for Obama.


allyouwhohope said...

Couple things on the link to his past statements on abortion -

"Political responsibility"? I've never understood separating your faith from your political responsibility. So when he's got his politician hat on, he suddenly doesn't have a God? Or does God just cut him some slack because he has "political responsibility?"

And if I'm reading it correctly, he says he believes the Church's teachings on life beginning at conception. Then that makes supporting abortion even worse!

Okay, sorry. The name of the book is "The G.I. Diet" by Rick Gallop. I have the express version - it's cheaper and more to the point. I, too, have had a couple forms of eating disorders over the years and it always makes dieting tough. This is the first diet that has truly made me healthy (I used to do a version of Weight Watchers that included saving points all day for a Big Mac!). Let me know if you want more info. A lot of my friends need food ideas when they first start, and I have lots of recipes.

Katie said...

That's what I thought, too! So he says he believes life begins at conception, but it's okay to kill babies then?? Yeesh. At least it would make sense if he disagreed.

I just bought the book off ebay, I'm sure I'll come asking for recipes after it gets here!

allyouwhohope said...

Oh good! Let me know. I have lots.

Have you seen this article today?

It made me so upset I cried. To think of the Eucharist being disrespected like that, and that so many people think that's acceptable...ugh!

Katie said...

Uggh, irritating!!

Also disturbing that so many Catholics aren't ranking abortion as a more important issue :(

Katie said...

And of course Pelosi, another pro-abortion Catholic, is all for Biden-