August 8, 2008

A realization

A couple of days ago I had a sudden realization. My husband is adopted, and he was born in January of 1979- almost exactly 6 years after Roe V. Wade. His birth mother legally could have chosen to abort him.

We don't know much at all about her, or where she is now. But wherever she is, I want to say, thank you. Thank you for giving my husband life. Because of the choice you made 29 years ago, I have a loving husband and 3 beautiful little girls. The world wouldn't be nearly as beautiful without them.


Anne Marie said...

I feel the same gratitude to me son's birth parents. I'm also grateful that my husband was born a couple of years pre Roe. I'm not so sure he would have faired so well, his mom was very young. He always quips that he went to high school twice!

TRS said...

I'm adopted too! Well before roe v wade.
Very happy about that.