August 27, 2008


I haven't done this for a couple weeks, sorry! My tip this week involves an easy way to reuse plastic gallon milk jugs.

Turn them into holders for you toilet plunger!

Just cut it off below the bottom handle so that it's mostly the bottom 1/3 of the carton. Your plunger should fit in perfectly. I like this because it's cheap, and instead of having a plunger holder I have clean (um, ewwwwww!!!!) I can just toss it when it's dirty instead and make myself a new one.

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3cookieday said...

Great idea! I have my plunger sitting on a paper towel, but this will hold the ickies even better.

BTW, the link to your WFMW post on Rocks in my Dryer is off. I had to change it a bit to get to your site. Just thought you might want to know...