September 5, 2008

rotten tomatoes

I'm not sure if the tomatoes I canned were a success or not. They had a lot of teeny air bubbles which has never happened to me before, I think that's the "moving air bubbles" the directions always say mean things went wrong somewhere. Hmmm. So I popped them in the freezer after after they cooled. Hopefully we won't die when we eat them, that way.

There are so many things I could say about the election stuff that's going on. It's really just shameful how people are acting, how hateful and vicious people can be. All I can say is we should stick to debating people's policies, not criticizing their family lives, and certainly not spreading ridiculous rumors.

That said, I tend to lean to the left when it comes to social issues, so while I really like Sarah Palin, she's very socially conservative, and it gives me pause, I admit. I'm not necessarily in support of universal health care, but something needs done, and every one needs taken care of in that regard. I, of course, accept the Church's teaching on homosexuality but I also don't believe the government has any business defining marriage (I want smaller federal government, not bigger!) and support government civil unions...or something... for all instead (with marriage being left to the church, as it should be...though I don't think that's probably a strictly Catholic viewpoint...Hmmm. More on that later.). My baby brother is gay, too, so certainly I want him to be safe and free and not treated poorly and discriminated against. Homosexuality all too often becomes the scapegoat for all of society's ills and it's unfair and un-Christian. I think sometimes Christians fear that showing love and compassion to our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters is akin to condoning sin, but of course it isn't. We're all sinners, we all fall short, being demeaning and cruel to homosexuals doesn't somehow make us better people and we can't justify it by saying "well, their sin is worse than mine!" (This could be a whole 'nother post, I suppose) I support the concept of welfare (a hand-up to people who've fallen on hard times) though I'm sure it needs reformed. And other things I can't think of right now because I'm tired!

Anyway. As I said, I tend to be fairly socially liberal. I've only ever voted Democrat, actually, so this will be quite a change.

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TRS said...

I agree, it's sometimes tough to meld the Catholic teaching with what I know in my heart regarding homosexuality.

My favorite example of this was the bishop somewhere in California who was dealing with a Catholic community all tweaked out over the gay couple who was sending their kids to the Catholic school. The tweakers thought the kids shouldn't be allowed to attend.

how backwards is THAT?!?!?

So the Bishop said, "Okay, if we are to ban the children of Gay couples, I guess we also can't allow the children of divorced parents... or those of couples who engaged in premarital sex. Or anyone who has had an extramarital affair." We're going to have a much shorter wait list very soon aren't we???!!

Way to go bishop.

I agree... tend to that log in your eye before you concentrate on the splinter in mine!!