October 22, 2008

WFMW #4 (I think!) Cleaning with baking soda

Boy, I haven't done a WFMW in forever! (I haven't been blogging much lately, period!)

This one is simple- I love to clean with baking soda! It's natural and environmentally friendly, it deodorizes well, it's abrasive enough to scrub with, and it's cheap!

It's very easy to clean with. One of the easiest ways is to simply sprinkle some on the surface you want to clean (counter, bath tub, sink, etc) and then scrub with a wet rag. For harder jobs you can make a paste by mixing small amounts of water with the baking soda, letting it sit, and then scrubbing away. It's great for degreasing as well, sprinkle it over the grease and then scrub wit a dry cloth! To clean your drains, mix half and half with vinegar, pour it down, let it sit, then wash away with a kettle of boiling water. It's also great for the trash can, I sprinkle some at the bottom to help keep odors away!

I love being able to clean with something that doesn't leave worrisome fumes and that I can use around my children without concerns for their health.


Mom2fur said...

I'll have to try that next time I clean the tub. I usually use Scrubbing Bubbles, but it's pricey and I end up having to scrub, anyway, LOL!

suzannah said...

we had the same idea on tips today!