December 16, 2008

I'm back!

I'm sure you've missed me :) I abruptly got some money (nearly $400) that I've been waiting on for over 2 months, so I was able to get my internet reconnected. Yay!

We're doing okay. My middle daughter started at the local developmental preschool at the beginning of the month. She cried a lot the first couple days but she's warming up to it and seems to look forward to going now. She spent the weekend at grandma's and my mom reported that she was correctly choosing m&m's based on color when asked, which is very big (because of the massive damage to her occipital lobe, we weren't sure if she was even capable of distinguishing colors). She also went number 2 on the potty while there and did it at school, too! Who knew poop could be so exciting?

The baby will be 9 months old tomorrow, I can't believe it. It goes so, so fast. I think she's going to be walking soon, she's been cruising for awhile and has started to let go and stand (my oldest was barely 10 months old when she started walking!)

I had my first follow up with my Creighton teacher last night. I didn't know there was going to be a pop quiz! That's okay, I did fine. She's already suspecting a hormonal imbalance just based on my health history and the questions she asked. Anyway, I haven't had any fertile mucus and I'm more than halfway through this cycle, but since I just came off the pill a couple annovulatory cycles are possible. Dh is counting down the days for the next two weeks so we can mark a big "I" on the chart...poor guy, it's been awhile.

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Anne Marie said...

Welcome back. While you were gone I considered suggesting the library for internet usage, but I figured with your crew it would be a bit impractical.

Anyhoo, welcome back to e-ville!