February 17, 2009

Reading 2009

I used to be a voracious reader, something I've fallen badly since having children. I doubt I read more than 10 books last year! So I've decided to set a modest goal of 50 books for the year and commit myself to finding more time to read. This is the list so far-


1. Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg
2. Do As I Say, Not as I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, Peter Schweizer
3. 1-2-3 Magic (discipline book), Thomas W. Phelan
4. Emma & Knightley, Rachel Billington
5. These Happy Golden Years, Laura Ingalls Wilder
6. The Christmas Sweater, Glenn Beck


7. Presumption: An Entertainment, Julia Barrett
8. Fleeced, Dick Morris and Eileen McGannin

And I'm currently reading another Pride and Prejudice sequel! I'll update this list periodically.

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