July 3, 2009

My garden is looking great! I'll try to post pictures this weekend. This year I have tomatoes, corn, lots of zucchini, cucumber, and green beans. Dh has been using the little mantis tiller on it every week to keep the weeds at bay, and I put some nice black compost I've been working on for a couple years all around the bases of the plants. Saw my first zucchini blossom yesterday, my beans are starting to flower, and I have a bunch of little green tomatoes. I have one that's getting big, it'll be picked soon and fried. I absolutely LOVE fried green tomatoes!

Strawberries were on sale last week so I bought a bunch and made and canned some jam. Very tasty! I'm trying to find an all fruit recipe though, I don't like how much sugar it takes (7 cups!!!)

Hope everyone has a good 4th!

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