September 2, 2009

Pregnancy update

Pregnancy update, for anyone interested :) Because of my ectopic pregnancy in May, I have a 10% chance of another, I will always have to have multiple hcg checks as soon as I find out I'm pregnant, as well as an early u/s to make sure the baby is in my uterus where it belongs. I saw my OB on Monday and was able to get in late that morning for my ultrasound. Everything looks fine! Baby is measuring right on target so my due date didn't change, strong heartbeat, and most importantly, it's settled in right where it belongs!

Since my husband was at home with our other children, I asked the technician for a couple pictures to show him and the girls. She gave me 8 pictures and a DVD of the entire u/s, ha ha! She even switched to 3d for a few minutes, which I've never had with my previous pregnancies (so now I'm excited to have our 20 week u/s and get to see the baby in 3d then!)

Baby kind of looks like a kidney bean with stubby little appendages, but still pretty neat! Here are a couple pictures-

Classic 2d, baby's head is at the bottom right, rump at the top left.

3d! Baby is there on the right, head at the top, you can see the teeny little arms and leg stumps!

Thank you Lord, that our baby is doing well so far! And thank you, St. Gerard and Blessed Virgin Mary, for your many prayers on our behalf.


Stephanie B. said...

Awesome! I'm so excited! Awesome pictures! Who is your OB? I've been waiting for this post.

Katie said...

We're using Dr. Schnerre at the Women's Clinic again (she delivered Rory). She's kind of impersonal but she's pretty hands off during delivery, which is most important to me!

Anne Marie said...

The kidney bean has landed. Cool beans! Sorry in a silly pun kind o' mood.

Katie said...

LOL, no problem Anne Marie :P