October 4, 2009

Sorry I've been neglecting my poor little blog! Life is busy :)

September 27th I celebrated my 27th birthday! We spent the afternoon and evening at our parish's 150th anniversary, it was wonderful. A very nice day.

I finally got dd3's bedroom painted! And we moved her from a pack n play to a toddler bed. She looks so little in a big girl bed! It's hard to believe that this spring she really won't be my "baby" anymore.

My pregnancy is going well so far. I'm finally starting to show so I don't just feel fat, haha. I have my next OB appointment on the 26th and I think we'll be scheduling the "big" ultrasound. I'm definitely learning the sex of the baby if I can, the anticipation is killing me! Truthfully I'd love another little girl, but I know dh would really like a son. We'll be happy either way, though :)

This pregnancy is bittersweet too, though. If I hadn't lost the previous baby in May, I would be due in mid-December. The happiness and anticipation is mixed with sadness. It's also kind of weird to consider that if we hadn't lost that pregnancy, I would have *this* baby.

We're headed out soon the the local Life Chain. I hope you're all able to participate in one near you! The unborn need our prayers and voices now more than ever.

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