January 23, 2010

I went to Rural King today to check out chicken equipment. Did I mention that I'm super excited to get my chickens? Well, I am. So is my 8 year old. My Murray McMurray catalog is in total disarray because she looks through it constantly. So, I brought her with me. Kind of funny how excited she got over bags of chick starter and heat lamps. I was planning on ordering them this week, but then my husband lost his job, so...I'll have to wait till we get our tax return. (I was initially really panicked about the job situation, but as the dust settles I think it will lead to something much better than what he had. Well and he was approved for unemployment, which did a lot to take me out of freak out mode). Anyway, I'm hoping to be brooding some baby chicks in my garage by the middle of February. And I'm planning on getting a new digital camera (mine is about as old as my oldest daughter and nearly dead) so don't worry, you'll be seeing plenty of pictures.

I'm already thinking about getting some goats next year...sadly, I only have a half acre of land. I need a farm...

Oh, and my 8 year old had her first confession this morning. She didn't think she would survive it, but she did. As we were waiting she was noticeably nervous and said "Mommy! [yes she still calls me Mommy] My heart is pounding and I feel nauseous!" When she got out she said it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be, but she was so nervous she forgot what her penance was. Thankfully I think Fr had forseen that and told their ccd teacher what to have them do if they forgot. She was worried later, though, because she said she forgot a few things she had planned on confessing. I told her it was okay and she could confess them next time, but I was happy to see her taking it seriously!

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