February 21, 2010

It's amazing how fast the chickens are growing!

Here's a couple of my little guys from last week. Left is the cornish roaster (meat bird), right is a buff orpington (for eggs, they're good for meat too, though).

Here's the egg birds from today. They look "shaggy" because they're getting their feathers in.

Here are the meat birds. Can you believe how fast they've grown? Wow!! They're getting ugly now too, which is good, because then I won't feel so bad about eating them.

They're so fat. They expend so much energy growing so fast that they just lay around most of the time. They're very quiet, too.

Here's the meat birds new set up. It's a big box that oranges are shipped in, it works great!


VKT said...


I love the pictures of the chickens!! My kindergartners would enjoy seeing them so I am going to see if I can get permission to show your post tomorrow at school. I teach in an Episcopal school. Thanks so much for sharing.

Katie said...

Sure! Feel free :)

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

I've always wanted to try having chickens! Don't know if I could take it on right now, though. You must be awesome! ;-)

Amy said...

How old will they be when they become dinner?

Katie said...

The pullets (females) will be ready around 8 weeks old, and the cockrels will be ready between 10-12.

Katie said...

Oh, and I'm having them butchered at a local family owned processing plant :) I do need to learn to butcher though, because part of owning chickens is having to cull, and I don't want to run to a plant to kill one chicken, lol.

Katie said...

Thanks Lacy! I am pretty awesome :D Also, I love your blog, great ideas!!

Gae said...

Dear katie,
I have loved visitng your blog, you have so much to share.
Congratulations on you new little one. A new baby is always welcome news.
I love the chickens and can't wait until we can get to that stage.
God Bless

Shelley said...

WAAAAAHHHH!!! I want some chickens, too! And a goat! TWO GOATS!

I love following along with the Chicken Story.