February 7, 2010

This is the free rare exotic we got when we ordered. Totally random, looks like he's a white crested black Polish! Bailey is really excited, he's her favorite!

Black Giant

Buff Orpington

Cornish roaster (these are the guys that are getting eaten, dh nicknamed them "McNugget 1 through 15)


Shelley said...

"McNugget 1-15" -- lol!!!

God's creative power is strongly evident even in the simple matter of chickens, isn't it?

Anne Marie said...

So how did you learn so much about Chickens? I just got ours from TSC. They were all yellow and cute, they lay eggs, well the ones that didn't end up in the Crock Pot anyhow. That's the full extent of my Chicken knowledge!

Anne Marie said...

Um, Katie. Um, I believe you have a new wee bouncing widgit over there on the left that's new.

Is it Woo Hoo time?

Katie said...

Haha, yes it is woo hoo time! I hadn't done an official announcement yet because I was waiting to get my latest hcg result, but it was excellent :)

Oh, as for chickens, I just read everything I can! Once I decided I wanted to have them some day I started getting the Murray McMurray catalog, which has tons of info. I also have the encyclopedia of country living which has a good section on chickens. And my friend and neighbor Beth is our 4h leader, so I get a lot of info from her and her mom :D