March 9, 2010

baby update

Poppyseed seems to be doing well. It's been really difficult to relax (okay, truthfully I feel pretty neurotic half the time). I had another u/s yesterday, couldn't see Poppyseed very well because my bladder was full and it pushed my uterus up, but we could hear the heart beat (171bpm!) It took the OB a moment to find it so I was panicked for a second, but what a great sound to hear! We couldn't hear it at the first u/s because it was too early, so it was the first time.

I'm doing okay. I had a week of constant nausea and I've been really tired (and I've already gained...well I won't go there, but let's just I've already gained over half of what I "should"). But it's worth it, so I'm not complaining! It's hard to get attached and believe I'll actually end up with a baby, losing Dominic was so unexpected I feel like it's naive to be hopeful.

Well anyway, the OB I saw yesterday won't be able to do my delivery. My first two were c-sections and my last was vaginal (VBA2C) and the hospital she delivers at won't allow me to deliver there. I was worried for a moment, but I got a hold of the OB that did my VBA2C and she said she'd be happy to take me on again. Which means I'll have to drive 45 minutes for appts and use the community clinic till 36 weeks (since dh lost his job and we don't have private insurance now), but it's worth it to avoid unnecessary surgery!


Elizabeth said...

Good for you...
As much as I hated the nausea, it was a good thing...always made me feel better mentally.
We pray for you and poppy seed every night in our family prayers :) hopig you continue to feel lousy :p
Blessings, E

Amy said...

I think you should really name this baby Poppy. Glad you heard the reassurance of the heartbeat. I always held my breath until I heard it.

Katie said...

Thanks Elizabeth, we appreciate the prayers!!