March 12, 2010

Vatican II did not creat a new Church

Vatican II did not create a new Church, Pope reminds audience.

Following Vatican Council II some people were convinced that all was new, that a new Church existed, that the pre-conciliar Church had come to an end and that there would be another, completely different Church, an anarchic utopia.

Sadly the people who most need this reminder reject the authority of the Pope to begin with!


Elizabeth said...

You hit the nail on the head with that comment.
I have so many relatives that were so badly catechised that they simply aren't Catholic anymore...Thank GOD my husband and I discovered EWTN so many years ago. Blessings & prayers! E

Shelley said...

Oh, the nun who ran the RCIA program at our former parish was BIG into "the spirit of Vatican II" which meant "any liberal theology you can think of is where it's at, man."

It translated into her con-celebrating the Mass with the priest from her chair at the rear of the sanctuary, having a liturgical dancer flinging herself about the nave at my daughters' First Holy Communion Mass, entire RCIA classes taught on the "need" for women priests...omigosh.

Brian said afterward that surviving all this and toiling through to Easter Vigil was what convinced him that it was definitely the Holy Spirit calling us to the Church. If it had just been a whim on our parts, we would have chucked it in disgust long before.

Needless to say, when I hear the phrase "in the spirit of Vatican II" these days, my shoulders immediately square off because I know the kind of Catholic I'm dealing with.

Katie said...

Shelley, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that!! I've heard of "liturgical dance" but thank God I've never had the misfortune of witnessing it!