May 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes

  1. Thanks for all the congratulations on our baby BOY!  I'm still in shock!  I bought him a newborn sleeper, brown with animals, so very boyish...I never thought I'd be doing that!  I also scored him 4 pairs of babylegs and 4 pairs of socks dirt cheap (babylegs was having a 40% discount on orders of $40 or more, not sure if they're still doing it or if it was a one day thing.  Coupon code was FORTY, if you want to try!)  Yes, I'm having fun shopping for stuff that's not pink :)
  2. We butchered the last of our meat birds last Saturday!  It's nice having a freezer full of "organic, free range" chicken.  If dh ever gets around to building an actual coop (we just have a pen with tarping for protection from the elements right now), I'd like to order another 25 or so to be butchered before winter.  Still waiting on eggs, we've got about another month before my girls start laying.  I'm so excited!
  3. I just finished reading From Atheism to Catholicism last night, I'll have the review up within the next few days (I hope!)  It was an interesting book.
  4. Just a few more weeks left of school!  Dd2's pre-school ends June 3rd, and dd1 (homeschooled) will be done the same week.  I didn't actually plan her school year out, it just happened to work out that way.  Since I'm moving away more from CHC I'm planning out next year myself (instead of using their lesson plans).  Since dd2 will be in public school for Kindergarten, I did use their calendar for planning our school year.  That way, they'll have the same days off.
  5. We got our garden planted.  As usual, I overbought on seeds and ran out of room!  Which is saying something, considering it's over 600sq ft.  I still need to do herbs in planters, and I think I'll try watermelon and cantaloupe in pots, too, and just let them spill out the sides.
  6. Once school is over, dd1 and I need to get started on her 4h projects.  This is her first year, she really wanted to show chickens so I went ahead and put her down as 3rd grade (2nd grade is mini-4h, which she said sounded "boring").  Since we homeschool, I chose curriculum according to her abilities, and not by grade level.  Technically this year was "2nd" grade, but only because she went to 2 years of preK and Kindergarten at a Catholic school, so going on that timeline, she's 2nd grade.  But she does a lot of things at a 3rd grade (or higher) level.  
  7. Oh, I'm finally at the point in pregnancy where I want to eat breakfast.  Normally I never eat until 11am or later, breakfast has always made me queasy (pregnant or not!)  It usually takes me till halfway through to develop an appetite for breakfast.  Hard to believe I'm halfway through the pregnancy already!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I come to you through Conversion Diary. And I just wanted to comment that I had three girls and then a boy and I, too, was in SHOCK for awhile. I think the technician doing the ultrasound had to show me the "boy parts" three times before I stopped looking for the girl parts (those three white dots :) )


Shelley said...

These were fun to read!

I used CHC when my girls were young, too. I loved it, but moved on to other things as they got older. I've been designing each girls' personal curriculum to line up with the Indiana state department of education standards since they both started high school.

Friday is our last day of M's sophomore year and A's freshman year!

And yay-yippee-yahoo about your baby boy! He won't be spoiled a bit, will he, with all those sisters watching over him. :>)