June 24, 2010

Boy, we've been busy!  Here's some pics of what I've been up to-

Whole wheat sourdough

Sugar free strawberry jam (sweetened with apple juice and raw honey)

Cherry jam (full sugar)

Cherry cobbler (cherries are all from our tree)

Sweet potato curry

Whole wheat dinner rolls

We've also been busy with swim lessons, 4H, VBS, plus weekly violin lessons, and next month dd1 will have a week of summer camp.  I think we're going to have dd2 do a couple therapeutic horseback riding sessions.  And I still need to finish up lesson plans for next school year.  Oh, about a million other things, too.  Summer isn't much of a "break" when you're an adult!


Molly said...

Everything looks so yummy...I wish I had some of the cherry cobbler.

Katie said...

It's VERY easy, I'll post the recipe later!

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Everything looks great! Any dessert made with fresh fruit..ahh..and the bread! Oh the bread! Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

What great use of God's bounty!