August 21, 2010

School's Here!

Well my two oldest survived their first week of school!  Bailey is on her third year of homeschooling, and Riley entered Kindergarten at the local public school.  I know it seems strange to have one in public school and one homeschooling, but it's what works best for them for this year.

I was worried sick about Riley.  She's seriously visually impaired (she had an evaluation from Indiana school for the Blind and her vision is so bad she'll have to learn braille) and mildly developmentally delayed.  It's a small rural school, and while they have had special needs kids, of course, they've never really had any kid with such a significant visual impairment.  And of course, she's still not completely potty trained because of her stroke, and it's embarrassing for her.  She got tearful when I dropped her off the first day, but when I came to pick her up she said she had fun, and she seems to be enjoying it!  Check her out on her first day, isn't she adorable?

Bailey had a pretty good first week of third grade, too!  Generally 9 year old whining and about some things, but overall she did a good job, and I think she enjoyed most of her books.  I was worried I might have tried to take on too much, curriculum wise, but we were able to get everything done in a total of about 3 hours, which seems like a good time for a third grader.

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...and baby makes 8 said...

Glad to hear they both had a good first week! Riley looks super cute for her first day. Isn't it strange how we, as mom's, fear the worst? I was so worried about it being too soon for Dylan, but boy was I wrong! He's loving it!