March 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes

  • I'm trying to limit my internet time significantly (an hour or less a day) for Lent.  Not that you should notice, since I'm an awful blogger to begin with!
  • I picked up my 1/2 hog order from the local organic farm!  Quite a bit of piggy, for around $350 total.
  • Sadly, however, I forgot that I had placed an order for 22 meat birds...oops!  No way could I fit any chicken in to my freezer, is is packed with pork!  So, I canceled my chicken order.  I'll just buy some direct from the farm this year, and try to figure out what to do for next year (I really don't have the room for another freezer!)
  • My little guy is getting big!  5 months old tomorrow :)  I've had a tough time adjusting to having 4 children, but he sure makes it all worth it.
  • I finished the first book in the Wheel of Time series, and loved it.  Already on book two.
  • Dh loves his new job, and it's going well.  He's still a temp through ManPower right now, so I won't truly relax until he's hired on permanently, which will probably be 2 more months, as they have a 90 day contract with MP.  I can't wait for health insurance, and it will be $4.50 more an hour!
  • My oldest is still very much wanting to go to public school next year, so that is on my heart.  I definitely do not want her to going to public school for middle and high school, so if she's going to go, 4th and 5th grades are her last chance.  So much to think and pray about!


Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Oh the piggie sounds so great!

We are facing the same dilemma..I can fit about 1/4 beef..and maybe some chickens..maybe...but then nothing other frozen fruits and veg, etc. So, trying to figure out what to do there.

So glad to hear your husband's job is going well. I know you had a long road and I'm praising God for the work for him!

Your little guy is 5 months..I knew that cause my guy just turned 6 months and we're about a month apart on birthdays. Glad he's doing well.

Yes, adjusting is hard sometimes. It was harder for me with the 5th than with the 6th, but it's always an adjustment, and I am trying to remind myself it's OK to be blessed and happy as well as sad or overworked at times..just give it to God.

Love you, and so glad to hear your updates!

Amy said...

So you won't be raising the chickens this year? So sad!

My 11yo has asked repeatedly to go to public school -- he's at a Catholic School now. I think he's staying put. Prayers for your discernment.

Anne Marie said...

Awesome news on the job front. Funny how the Lord makes us wait sometimes. To teach trust, patience?? Anyhow, his timing is always best.

My wee Irishman is talking site school for next year too, but it seams to be more about playing football with the guys than anything else, so I'm not enthused.

We have yet to slaughter one of our cattle, but they are getting big so... Well I guess timing is everything.

Katie said...

@Andrea- Thanks so much for the encouragement! I'm finding it difficult to get everything done...hopefully that will get better :)

@Amy, yes, no chickens! I'll just keep the egg layers I have and buy from the farm down the road as freezer room opens up!

@Anne Marie, nice to hear from you! Dh is enjoying his job, now we're just waiting until the ManPower contract is up and hoping they'll bring him on permantely! His boss (who's the owner) said he's happy with him and the crew he has and doesn't plan to change that right now.