October 31, 2011

Atheist to Catholic-Stories of Conversion

I'd been waiting for this book to come out, so when I saw it on the reviews list, I jumped for it!  (It's been awhile since I got it, please forgive my tardiness).  I knew that Jennifer Fulwiler had an essay in it (I heard of the book through her blog) but I didn't realize that the Raving Theist (fka Raving Atheist) was included.  I had read RT's blog a few times prior to his conversion, and then of course, afterwards.  I also spoke to him briefly in private.  He never did go much in to detail, and I'm said to see he's no longer blogging, but I was definitely eager to hear more of his story.

The book is short and sweet (116 pages) and a very quick read.  As different as each story was, I also very much enjoyed noting the common threads in each.  I love conversion stories in general, and of course, atheist conversions in particular. 

This review was written as a part of the reviewer program for The Catholic Company.

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