November 24, 2011

A friend has asked her friends to pick a child from Reece's Rainbow to share, in hopes of finding their family (one child already has a family pursuing adoption thanks to this effort!)  When I saw Francine, I knew she was the child I needed to share.  She reminds me of my special needs daughter, Riley (same hair and eye color, and the both have CP).  Unfortunately we aren't yet in a position to adopt ourselves (though it's something we'd like to pursue in the future), but maybe you are!  Did you know that in many foreign countries, special needs children only have a few years in an orphanage to be adopted?  If they aren't adopted at the end of their time, they're institutionalized, which condemns them to a sad and lonely life devoid of love and affection.  If you aren't able or called to adopt at this time, please pray that Francine finds her family, and consider donating to help fund her adoption.  God bless, and happy Thanksgiving!

Are you Francince's family? 

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