December 5, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Oh, menu planning.  This is something I used to be very good about, a little oasis of organization in my normally terribly disorganized life (I'm just not a type A personality, though I wish I was!)  I miss doing it, though.  There's the obvious perk of knowing what I'm making for dinner every night, which spares me the frustration of digging through the pantry and winging it on dinner.  It also saves time and money.  I make my grocery list simultaneously, and then when I'm at the store, I know exactly what I need and don't impulse buy.  So, I'm dedicating myself to getting back in the swing of it.

Monday-  Burritos (I have to take dd2 an hour and a half away for surgery follow-up this afternoon, so dh is making dinner.  He is not culinarily inclined, but burritos he can do, and it's one of his favorite foods, so he doesn't mind!  If I were more organized, I would have a crockpot meal ready to go, but alas, I didn't think ahead).

Tuesday- Potato and leek soup with homemade bread

Wednesday-   Tamale pie with salad

Thursday-  Chicken Casserole (not my favorite, but dh loves it!)

Friday- Falafel burgers with Moroccan lentil stew

Nothing fancy!  Friday is actually pay day, so I normally do menu planning then; however, we had a super busy weekend, so I didn't get around to it until today!  Unless we're very tight on money, I usually don't menu plan breakfast and lunch; we usually have either cold cereal or bacon and eggs for breakfast, and lunch is usually fish-sticks with mac and cheese or sandwiches, maybe leftovers, but at any rate, something simple (it's usually just my toddler, the baby, and me at lunch).


HopingToSing said...

Hey! Would love if you'd share your chicken casserole recipe! My DH loves casseroles too :-)! God bless (from a fellow Catholic Mom/Wife)!

Katie said...

I sure will! I'll post the recipe later this week :)