January 3, 2012

I read this beautiful story on Yahoo! about an elderly woman who had given her baby for adoption after being raped as a teenager, and finally reunited 70+ years later.  The baby girl she lovingly placed with a pastor and his wife went on to marry and have 6 children of her own, including one son who is an astronaut.  Although the article doesn't discuss abortion, I can't help but think of it.  Mrs. Disbrow would certainly have been a poster child for abortion.  But this is a side of it that is rarely talked about-it isn't just the aborted child that's lost, but generations!

In a few days, it will have been 33 years since my husband was born and placed for adoption.  He was born just a few years after Roe V. Wade.  His birth mother could have legally killed him.  Instead, she made the difficult choice to give birth to him and let him go, and because of her gift of life, I not only have my husband, but four beautiful children.  Someday we will have grand-children, and great-children.  Generations of a family that would have never existed if not for one woman's choice decades ago.  I am so very grateful to her for that, and I hope that wherever she is, she is loved and blessed and has peace in her heart. 

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Rightthinker said...

I am also thankful for your husband's birth mother for having made a very selfless choice.

God Bless all the mama's who have made this decision...abortion is so "easy" today..much easier than decades before...I commend women for not covering up their situation with the mistake of murder.

God Bless!