June 2, 2014


Something I've started adding into our homeschooling routine, and will definitely do more of next year, is lapbooking.  It's a fun break from more monotonous activities, and it's something my 6th grader and kindergartner can do together (of course, I expect significantly more detail and depth from the 6th grader!)

The first lapbook we did was a volcano/Pompeii unit (Pompeii focus for my oldest, because it was her interest in the historical event that prompted me to do the unit).  Since this was our first time, I kept it very basic; we read some books, watched some videos, put a simple lapbook together, and then made our own volcanoes!  I also had my 6th grader read City on Fire: A Novel of Pompeii and write a book report.

"Erupting" our volcanoes!

Oldest painting her volcano.

The printouts I found through Pinterest searches, and the volcano kits I purchased through Amazon

We just started on a butterfly life cycle lapbook.  We ordered a live butterfly kit so we can watch them go through their life cycle.  We started a nature journal where we're keeping observations, and we're reading books and starting to put our lapbooks together.  I found this resource particularly helpful! 

I was a little intimidated by the idea of lapbooking at first, but thanks to so many wonderful (and free!) resources around the internet, it wound up being a lot easier than I had anticipated.

Do you lapbook?  Share your favorite resources or units!

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