May 2, 2008


In preparation for our foray into homeschooling for the 08-09 school year, I started attending the local Catholic homeschool group (CHILD- Catholic Homeschoolers in the Lafayette Diocese). I'm always nervous in new groups, especially Catholic groups. I'm a new convert, I'm young, I'm working-class, I have visible tatoos...

But they're a really great group of women, very friendly and welcoming. The monthly meeting is a support type event for the moms to discuss curriculum (curricula?) and various other aspects of homeschooling. They're starting a co-op for the upcoming school year, so Wednesday we met for that. I'm excited about it! Right now the plan is to meet every other week for 3 hours. So far we are for sure offering conversational Spanish (taught by two native speakers), art, drama, and music. And for middle school age some type of lit analysis taught by a mother who is pursuing her PhD in the subject. We'll also have a nursery and pre-K activities. Thankfully we were all in agreement that there should not be a potty trained requirement for the pre-K group (we'll just have the moms come change diapers if they're little one neeeds), so I can put dd2 there. Because of her delays I'm not sure how it will go but the mom who's in charge had made a point to say we shouldn't feel bound by the grades and should feel free to put our kids wherever we thought they'd do well. So dd1 will be 1st grade but can probably do some of the 2nd-4th grade classes since she's pretty bright, and dd2 can go between the nursery and pre-k depending on how she does and what exactly pre-k is doing. The nursery is going to be packed, we realized we have about 20 kids nursery age!

I'm sure by the time we start we'll have much more. Dh was relieved when I found the group, he's been unsure about homeschooling largely because he was concerned dd1 wouldn't get enough socialization.


Analisa said...

We will be starting on our homeschooling adventure together! My eldest will be in first grade next year. I have just started looking into our Catholic support group as well. I was in one about three years ago that you would have fit right into. The parents were SO wonderfully crunchy! ;) (Many of them were University of Dallas grads).

catherine said...

We are near the end of our first year of homeschooling. My biggest fear at the beginning was not having enough social opportunities, but luckily that hasn't been the case. We live in a small town of about 5000 people, so we've had to venture out a bit to find folks. C. has been so happy this year and has made some great friends. And you are so lucky to have a Catholic support group! I am the only Catholic homeschooler I know, and sometimes it gets a bit lonely.

I also want to exchange postcards with you so I have to figure out how to email you directly! My email is