May 12, 2008

Mother's Day, Pentecost Mass

Mass this Sunday was fun. In that it wasn't at all. Dd2 was a screaming ball of anger right off the bat. Dh sat with her in the cry room so I could actually participate, but you could still hear her screaming.

Afterwards one woman came up and gave me 2 children's Missals and basically said she didn't want to offend me or tell me how to parent, but she ran a daycare for 21 years and had to take lots of little ones to Mass and found that having special "Mass only" books helped.

I smiled and said thank-you and I'm sure dd1 will love it, especially now that she's reading so well, but I didn't feel like telling her dd2 won't give a flip about it.

Yes, she's almost 3, but she's severely brain-damaged and developmentally delayed and she's just not going to care in anyway or even understand that she only sees that book at Mass. And we already have 2 books that we only bring to Mass and they obviously don't work.

I know she meant well but I just didn't feel like getting into a big discussion about dd2's special needs. Dh said sometimes he wants to just go up front and tell everyone all about her brain damage so people realize she's special needs and we aren't just crappy parents.


Mrs Pea said...

Oh dear. At least the lady had a gracious way with her. Sometimes I feel a bit that way when one of mine is exhibiting some interesting behaviour - I once told dh I wanted a tshirt with "Adoptive Mama - I'm not the one who screwed them up" on it. It can be hard enough to deal with the behaviour without feeling a need to justify or explain it. Prayers to your little one's guardian angel (I always say "please keep your wings across her mouth" when our dd starts up!)

Anne Marie said...

Hi Katie:

I found your blog at Jen's Et Tu. I can empathize with strangers who kind of dive head first into your business. I have a different situation but sometimes get a similar intrusive response that begs a conversation that I don’t really want to have with a stranger.

God bless you and your family and welcome to the faith!!

Katie said...

Hi and thank you Anne Marie!

Mrs Pea, I love that prayer, I'll have to remember it!!

Jennifer F. said...

Oh, wow, how frustrating.

Just wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog, and to say that I'm glad to have found yours! I look forward to reading more.