October 29, 2008


I recently shared this tip with another blogger and thought I'd pass it along here.

Anyone who's made banana bread knows that mashing the bananas can be kind of a pain (they're always lumpy plus they're slippery!) So what I do is toss bananas into the freezer as they get spotty and very ripe. When I'm ready to make bread I take them out and thaw them in a bowl in the refrigerator the night before (they'll let out liquid as they thaw). Just slice the peel longways down the middle and the banana plops right out, nice and liquidy and so much easier to mash! (They look kinda weird but I promise they're okay!) I think they have a stronger banana flavor this way, too.


sunshinekmp said...

Thanks for posting this! I have a couple bananas in the freezer right now waiting to be made into bread (My first try at it!).

Katie said...

I hope it's helpful!