November 5, 2008

It's heartbreaking to consider what this presidency means for the unborn. All I can say is pray fervently, have faith in God, and dig your heels and fight to keep the ground the pro-life movement has gained. I contacted a crisis pregnancy center to see about volunteering, and tomorrow at adoration I will be praying for the unborn.

They need us now more than ever. Never give up hope, never surrender.

photo by laura grace


allyouwhohope said...

I pray that this at least motivates us all to do more for the pro-life cause. At least then we can say some good came out of it. Hopefully pro-lifers will be reinvigorated by this and become stronger than ever.

I'm on the email list for Stand True, a pro-life group, and their message today was powerful. Basically it said we are to have faith in no man, only faith in God, so our hope shouldn't live or die with who is elected. Yes, it is very likely that all our pro-life gains will be erased during this presidency, but God will prevail and miracles can happen. I'm trying to focus on that, since otherwise I want to cry!

Katie said...

Yes, that's such a good point! God is our only true leader, and I put all my hope and faith in Him :) I know tough times are ahead but I also know He is with us.