November 8, 2008

For some reason I was stricken with a ridiculously intense case of baby lust yesterday. I think it was prompted by a friend announcing her 5th (and last) pregnancy (this will actually be their 6th child, they both have a child from a previous marriage). Being that my baby isn't even 8 months old yet it seemed kind of silly! I do want to have more children, but there are a number of things that need to happen first (improved financial situation, Retrouvaille for dh and I, and some personal counseling for me to help me learn to manage my stress and frustration better). Hmmm, that seems a little daunting. Truthfully those are all things that should have happened BEFORE we had three kids, but what can I say. None of them were planned and we've done the best we can.

At any rate, my friend's 5 children are all boys, so she's hoping for a girl. So I'm sending her lots of prayers for a healthy baby foremost, and "pink vibes," too!


erin said...

Ah! I've been hit with a few brief episodes of baby lust recently as well.

It feels strange to me, though, that when my first was Peter's age, I was pregnant. It would seem insane for me to be pregnant now...but it didn't feel weird then. *shrug*

having little kids is sp stressful, I am learning (quite painfully at times). I'm sure you're doing a great job. Feel free to email if you ever feel like blowing off steam or whatever. :)

Anne Marie said...

When I get baby lust I surf it's my only hope, but it's a good option!

What's keeping you guys from retrouvaille, and how can I help? It's a good program.

Katie said...

Wow, that's a great website Anne Marie, thanks! My husband was adopted and it's something we're keeping open for future.

The only thing that's keeping us from Retrouvaile right now is that the baby still nurses a bunch a night, so I wouldn't be able to leave her for a weekend yet. I'm hoping that she'll be able to separate for a while once she's around 18 months because I know that it would be a big help for us. We got married when I was only 18 and 6 months pregnant, which just isn't a great foundation for marriage. We were married by a JOP too, and I want to complete Retrouvaille before we have our marriage convalidated in the Church.

Soul Pockets said...

I get baby lust as well and when I do I go shopping for a puppy. (just kidding)

I have something for you over at my blog