January 16, 2009


Anne Marie said...

I think the play would have been more powerfull with Christ crucified and mute rather than jumping around pitifully helpless on the periphery of the scene.

I’m guessing this was a Protestant production. I’ve gotten really tuned into the differences in overall viewpoint between Protestant and Catholic works. I always find Protestant work (blogs, writing, etc.) tends to be more humanistic in that there tends to be a flavor of separation of humanity from the divine (helpless Jesus jumping around ineffectually on the sideline), and Catholic work (blogs, writing, etc.) tends to have greater integration of the human and the divine. I think that comes from the Church’s doctrine of the Communion of the Saints. Catholics don’t see ourselves as separate from God so much as simply at a different stage of the game, i.e. the Church Militant.

Sorry for rattling on, it’s something that’s been on my mind.

I like the song; I just think Chris would be more powerfully depicted crucified. I think that would more powerfully state the importance of Christ’s work and the permanency of his gift reaching even into this girl’s current drama nay into each of our daily dramas.

Katie said...

When he's on the side he's making a pulling motion, and after she keeps trying to run that way he comes and takes the abuse onto himself, then throws it off, so I don't think he's just standing there helplessly (he's pretty active towards the end!) I get the point in Christ crucified, but I think it would be hard for a simple production like this.

It is very Protestant! But still powerful, I think.

Anne Marie said...

I realized after I left this comment that it may have been something you were involved in at which point I felt really bad about being nit picky about it in case you had a personal involvement.

Sorry if I was to critical.

Katie said...

Oh no, I had no personal involvement, I just liked the video! I appreciate your thoughts, anyway :)