January 1, 2009

A post Christmas reflection

The image of the infant Jesus completely humbles me and moves me to tears.

Our Lord loves us so much, He yearns for us and for our salvation to such an extent, that He humbled himself to be born among us. He didn't descend from Heaven in magnificent glory as a grown and powerful man. He chose to be born a helpless infant in a lowly manager. The miracle and mercy of His birth wasn't witnessed by the rich and powerful, but by poor shepherds and farm animals. Can we really comprehend what it means for Almighty God to fully take on human form? God's glory is beyond our human comprehension; He is all that ever was and ever will be, Alpha and Omega. He is older than time itself and more powerful than anything we could ever even begin to imagine.

He is the Word, and He became flesh and dwelt among us. And He did so because of His unending love and mercy.

He came to us a helpless infant. He died with His body broken on the cross. And He remains with us on this Earth forever in the Eucharist, a small, fragile piece of bread that is Him, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

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