March 27, 2009

Review: Great Adventure Kids Pack

The Great Adventure Kids Pack is designed to be an interactive and multifaceted way to introduce salvation history to your children. The pack comes with 5 items- A large coloring book, small set of color-coded prayer beads, a fold-out Bible time-line, color coded bookmark, and playing cards.

The color-coded system ties all of the products together. The different colors represent various time periods of the Bible and salvation history, mostly concerning the Old Testament. The time line starts with the Early World, and continues through Patriarchs, Egypt & Exodus, Desert Wanderings, Conquest & Judges, Royal Kingdom, Divided Kingdom, Exile, Return, Maccabean Revolt, Messianic Fulfillment, and The Church.

My daughter especially enjoyed the card games. The card deck comes with a base set of cards and one expansion pack. There are instructions included for a variety of games you can play with the cards, and the ones we played (based off familiar games like Go Fish and Crazy Eights) were a fun way to introduce and reinforce these different periods in biblical history.

We also enjoyed the prayer beads. The accompanying prayer (found on the back of the fold-out time line) was simple enough that my daughter could read the responses, which made her feel very grown-up! She's colored a few pages of the coloring book, too (which contains the symbols for the time periods) and liked it. It's very large which is nice for little ones, but the pictures are more "grown-up" looking so they hold some appeal for older children, too.

The time line is a nice and easily accessible reference, but I especially liked the little bookmark for use during the cards games, so I could refer to it and name the time periods shown (my daughter was just going by color, so she would say the color and I'd check and name the time period to reinforce it to her).

As a "fun time" system, I really liked this. I think if I were wanting to actually use it for more of a focused learning project, I'd like a simple lesson outline suggesting how to present it in a more structured manner. Overall we really enjoyed this and look forward to finish the coloring book and playing more card games!

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Angie said...

Wow! Sounds like a really neat system! Glad that you guys had fun with it!