March 27, 2009

So I haven't been around the "blogosphere" much lately. My one year old AND my 3.5 year old are both in a very clingy MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY phase right now. Which means that if I do anything other than sit on the couch they (especially the baby) go absolutely ballistic. Needless to say, that makes it difficult to use the computer. Trying to get on the 'net usually starts with them fighting over my lap and ends with the baby trying desperately to crawl around the small compupter desk and throw EVERYTHING on the floor while my 3.5 year old hogs my lap.

I've also been preparing dinner while my 3.5 year old tries to "stir" everything and the baby literally hangs off my leg, screeching at the top of her lungs the whole time. (If only I could figure out how to back carry her in the baby carrier by myself! Alas, it seems I need 2 extra sets of hands to get her safely in).

It's been a little stressful around here.

My Lent has kind of been a bust, sadly. I haven't really done anything I intended to. I attribute a lot of that to the fact that I've been struggling with creeping depression. I had very, very serious problems with depression when I was younger and it's not something I've felt in many years, so it's thrown me off guard and makes me feel very anxious (I can still very vididly recall the dark emptiness I felt for so long, and it's not something I ever want to feel again).

I'm hoping that with the weather warming up we'll be able to get outside (I hate being cooped up indoors, unless I'm reading) and my mood will improve. Prayers are always apppreciated, too.

I let my 3.5 year old nap on my lap while I typed this, now my right leg and rear end are asleep and she'll probably stay up till 10 or 11 tonight! Ah, well.


Lucy said...

I could have written this post. Praying for you, that you would have a blessed remainder of Lent and a truly joyful Easter. Lucy x

Katie said...

Thanks Lucy! Praying for you, too *hug*

Angie said...

(((HUGS))) Katie! It's been a real adjustment year for me too! I'll say a prayer for you!

(BTW -- I liked your talk on Wednesday night. You should write it up for the homeschool blog!)

Katie said...

Thanks Angie! Prayers for you too :)

I can't even remember what I said now, ha! I get so nervous speaking in front of people I tend to ramble, hehe. I could certainly try to do something on nutrition for the blog, though!

I'm Judy! said...

Katie...I believe your Lent was not a "bust" at all...for your Lent has been in the cross you are bearing with depression...and in the things you have sacrificed in order to let your little ones "stir" and "hang on your leg"...I believe your Lent has been quite fruitful!
Perhaps you could find some things on the Thoughts to Ponder page...or the Inspired by Others page at Daily Blessings
that will lift your spirits a bit :)
Always remember that the closer you get to Christ...the more that nagging little enemy tries to set up road blocks...but ALSO remember that Jesus is like that nice traffic cop that's always there in a road know...the smiling one that's waving you right on through!!!!!!!!
Hang in there Katie:)

Annaberri said...

A baby carrier that I can load myself easily is the Ergo. It's fairly expensive but will last forever, from newborn through 3 sometimes, and through multiple kids. SOOOOO worth it. It's like putting on a backpack with the baby between the backpack and you.

Annaberri said...

An ergo baby carrier really works.