April 24, 2009

A look back

Well, we only 4 more weeks of school left! Our math and spelling books will run a bit past that (which is fine, because those will take me to the 180 days I need to fulfill our state's homeschooling requirement). I have to say that although this first year of homeschooling hasn't been perfect, it's gone much more smoothly than I anticipated. I'm glad we decided to do it and I'm looking forward to next year! Since this was our first year (and dd1 is only in first grade) I wanted to keep it pretty simple. Next year we'll ramp it up some and we're starting Latin (I plan to move more and more to a classical educational approach).

I've really enjoyed our co-op, too. Although it's a bit stressful with the little ones, especially dd2 who has cerebral palsy, it's definitely been worth it. (Stupidly I went and signed up to be publicist for our co-op AND even offered to consider teaching early American history next year. Eep!)

I had a proud homeschooling moment yesterday, too. During dd1's art class at our co-op she did a water color painting of a trap-door spider! We've been talking about insects and bugs for science this week and last week, so I was so excited to see that she chose to do that all on her own! Sometimes it seems like she's not paying much attention, but apparently it sinks in! When she was in Kindergarten at Catholic school, her teacher had remarked along those lines to me, that Bailey would seem not to be listening but always knew just what was going on when she would ask her. Anyway, here's her painting!


Angie said...

Now...first off, the publicist job is a piece of cake. I can try to send you reminders for a while. I'll show you the ropes. And, if you hadn't offered to do it, I would have done that AND been co-coordinator. So, I appreciate you saying you will do it.

Second, I think you'll enjoy teaching a class. Yes, I agree -- I'm not sure how things will go wtih dd2 while you teach the class. Maybe you could ask specifically for a Mom to be a helper one-on-one with her while you're teaching. I don't know.

Unfortunately, I know there are some people that are not attentive enough (or patient enough) to watch over her. I was frustrated when I returned her to the snack room after she had walked out (and, of course, after I helped her wash her hands -- LOL), and that someone's reaction to me bringing her back was to say that we needed to find you. Sigh. But, unfortunately, some people just don't get it.

Katie said...

Oh, I didn't realize you would've had to do both! Glad I signed up for it then :) It shouldn't be too hard, I hope! I just don't get much time on the computer, thanks to the little ones.

I was frustrated about that, too. Especially since I've always stayed with her during snack time and that was the first time I asked to leave her! Only because I was needed in the nursery! Ah, well. I'm glad you're teaching the preK class, I think by next year she'll be able to do it pretty well(and if not I'll just take her out or have to be in there with her!)