May 23, 2009

I've been doing okay, thanks to everyone who has been praying for us. I was able to talk my husband into talking to our priest, so our parish was able to give us enough financial help to keep us from completely going under. Thank God for that. Now, of course, the A/C in my van has gone out and the shop wants 1K to fix it. So our options are deal with it and fix it next spring, or trade it in (not easy, we still owe 6K on it). Oh well, small potatoes compared to what I've been dealing with recently!

I met with my Creighton Model instructor, and we're pretty sure I conceived on April 6th and that what thought was my LMP was actually implantation bleeding. That would've had made me due with the baby on December 30th. A little wistful too because April 6th was our 8th wedding anniversary. So at any rate, that puts me farther along than the hospital thought, more like 5 weeks pregnant. My husband told me that after the surgery the doctor told him and my mom that I would have bled to death in my sleep if I hadn't come in, so that's freaked me out some. Still getting tired very easy, but the doctor said it was normal.

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