May 28, 2009

Reading 2009: Update


1. Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg
2. Do As I Say, Not as I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, Peter Schweizer
3. 1-2-3 Magic (discipline book), Thomas W. Phelan
4. Emma & Knightley, Rachel Billington
5. These Happy Golden Years, Laura Ingalls Wilder
6. The Christmas Sweater, Glenn Beck


7. Presumption: An Entertainment, Julia Barrett
8. Fleeced, Dick Morris and Eileen McGannin
9. An Unequal Marriage, Emma Tennant


10. Dinner at Mr. Jefferson's: Three Men, Five Great Wines, and the Evening That Changed America, Charles A. Cerami
11. The Tales of Beedle the Bard, JK Rowling
12. Brush Up Your Classics! An informative and entertaining guide to understanding the most famous words, phrases, and stories of the Greek Classics, Michael Macrone
13. Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, James Finn Garner
14. Multiple Bles8ings, Jon and Kate Gosselin
15. Stealing Buddha's Dinner: A Memoir, Bich Minh Nguyen
16. The Sudoku Puzzle Murders: A Puzzle Lady Mystery, Parnell Hall


17. Mansfield Park, Jane Austen
18. A Little House Traveler, Laura Ingalls Wilder
19. Persuasion, Jane Austen
20. A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, Bill O'Reilly
21. Guilty, Ann Coulter


22. God, Help Me- How to Grow in Prayer, Jim Beckman

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