July 1, 2009


I'm having a negative day. I think it's PMS. Because I'm late and I've taken two tests and they were negative. Boy, am I a grouch. And very tired. And I have a headache. I want to be pregnant and it doesn't look like I am. Humph. At least I finally got the kids to watch TV and stop jumping on my head and using me as a human jungle gym.

I feel disconnected spiritually as well. I think this is because I haven't been to confession in 8 or 9 months. I always feel more connected when I confess regularly. The priest/parish I want to confess at only has confession at 11am on Saturdays, when dh is sleeping. I suppose I need to just suck it up and confess with my priest (whom I've only confessed to once...my very first confession...it didn't go well...) otherwise I'll end up not fulfilling my yearly obligation.

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Samantha said...

It was seven months for me. Had to break down and go to my parish priest Sat. basically due to the church being in close proximity. I still really really wanted to go to someone I don't know.. isn't that crazy?1