July 1, 2009

I took my girls and my mother to a natural baby fair last Saturday, we had fun! My LLL group had a booth set up, but they had enough volunteers to run it, and grandma was chasing my toddler (and the baby was in the mei-tei on my back) so I just got to relax and enjoy it! Usually I'm manning the LLL booth at such things so I don't really get a chance to look around. We won one of the raffle prizes so my oldest was extremely excited, it had some nice things in. I also talked to a mom who makes cloth diapers and think I might be able to get mine fixed (my water is very hard, which makes them very rough, but regular fabric softener makes them repel water...it's a viscious cycle, to say the least). If I get them stripped and softened successfully I'll let you know how I did it!

Dh and I talked and I decided to go ahead and start working on getting my certification to be a birth doula. It's something I've been discerning for a few years, but until now, I haven't had anyone I trusted to watch the girls if I had to leave in the middle of the night. A friend of mine that the girls adore lives just down the road now and is happy to be my night time baby sitter, so problem solved! It will probably take me at least a year, if not two, to get my certification completed, but I'm excited!


Angie said...

Hey -- on the up side, at least there always seems to be someone pregnant in the homeschool group. I bet some might be willing to be some of the labors you would need to be certified!

Michelle said...

Wow! What a wonderful thing to be able to do. How does one go about being a doula? I'm so happy for you :)