March 31, 2010

Lent officially ends this Thursday with Holy Thursday (or Maundy Thursday), marking the start of my favorite liturgical season; Easter!  I love Holy Week and all the Easter services.  Easter Vigil is my favorite service of the year.  It's even more special this year because my sister in law and her husband are to be received into the Church!  It's something I've prayed for but didn't expect to happen so soon.  My brother in law was raised Methodist (his father is a minister, or whatever the term is for Methodists) and my sister in law has always been a staunch and devoted Christian, but had some serious theological issues with Catholicism.  So when they told us they were going to start attending RCIA classes, I was surprised!  Early Friday morning we're leaving to drive out to Ohio to be there when they're fully received.  We should arrive in time for all the Good Friday services at their parish (though the two little girls are going to spend the weekend with grandma, because they just can't tolerate hours and hours of services).

Easter season is also more meaningful for me on a personal level this year.  I would have been due with Dominic April 9th, just days after Easter Sunday.  Losing a son has sadly given me a unique perspective on the suffering of our Blessed Mother.  She knows so intimately our pain.  She might have been born without the stain of original sin, but she was fully human, and she suffered fully with a human heart.  I know she looks on mothers who have lost children with a special tenderness.

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Shelley said...

=( about Baby Dominic and I agree with your thoughts about our Blessed Mother.

How amazing about your family! I so hope to hear my parents and brother/SIL say, "We thought we'd take the RCIA classes...."