April 5, 2010

Christ is Risen!

Christ is risen, Alleluia!

We had a nice Easter weekend overall.  We made it to Ohio in time for the Stations of the Cross, though we wound up missing Good Friday services because my sister-in-law had the time wrong.  Easter Vigil was lovely and went very well, so they and their oldest daughter are now officially Catholic!  They attend St. John Neuman in Sunbury, it's a very nice and active parish.  Dh loves the priest and wants to move out there just to be members of that parish, ha!  I missed not being at our parish's services, but it was still very nice. 

Congratulations and welcome home to all who were received in the Church Saturday!

Oh, and don't forget to be praying the Divine Mercy Novena!  I was so tired by the time we got home yesterday that I fell asleep before I had a chance to do it, so I'll have to double up today.  Don't hesitate to catch up if you didn't get started yet, the intention is what matters, not perfection :)

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Shelley said...

Aw, how wonderful to have family received into the Church.

So glad you had a happy Easter day!