April 9, 2010

7 Quick Takes

  1. My pregnancy is going well so far, 13w2d!  That's pretty much second trimester.  I had a prenatal appointment Wednesday and they found the heart beat.  I have a doppler I use at home, but it was nice to have validation from someone else that there's a baby in there.
  2. We butchered our 6 pullets (females) last Thursday with the help of our neighbors (who actually know what they're doing!)  So now I just have 6 males that will be ready in another week or two.  Tyson and decided we really need to get a small second chest freezer just for meat! 
  3. After much praying we decided not to continue our special needs daughter in public school next year.  I think the developmental pre-school she's gone to for the last two years has been great for her, but I really don't see any benefits (but lots of negatives) to putting her in a regular kindergarten next year.  I'd love to send her to the school for the blind in Indy, but unfortunately that's 1.5 hours away, so it's not possible right now.  So at any rate, I'll be homeschooling her next year, too.  We'll use CHC with a lot of homemade stuff for her to aid in her vision problems.
  4. Speaking of dd2 and the school for the blind, she had an evaluation with them on Wednesday, so I hope to hear back from them soon.  They'll be able to give me a better idea of what kind of help she needs (like what size large print, braille, etc).  I actually have been signing her up for children's braille programs, so we've got a handful of braille books I've introduced her to.  
  5. I need to get a hold of the guy that tills my garden and get that done soon!  I'm going to have him expand it some for me, too.  Now that I've gotten dh interested I've got enough help to take on more.  And I've finally bought a pressure canner, so I'm super excited to try that out.
  6. Speaking of dh, the 6th was our 9th wedding anniversary!  It's kind of odd being 27 and married for nearly a decade!  For my anniversary gift we're having my wedding set fixed- engagement ring is getting cleaned and resized and a bent prong is getting fixed, then I'm having a plain white gold band contoured to it and then welded together.  Very excited to get it all done!
  7. Our little pug Oliver kept having seizures (sometimes twice a day) so we had to put him on phenobarbitol.  Thankfully it seems to be doing its job, he hasn't had any seizures since we started.  Kind of funny though because that's the same medication that dd2 was put on after she was born to control her seizures!


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on everything. We are praying nightly for "Miss Katie's baby"...I love CHC. I have been using it for several years :)
Have a blessed Weekend!

Jenny said...

This is my first visit to your blog via Jennifer@Conversion Diary. I'll be back when I have time to read your conversion story. Congratulations on the pregnancy!

Katie said...

That's so sweet Elizabeth, thank you!

Thanks for stopping by, Jenny!

Amy said...

Katie - I have a friend whose son is at the School for the Blind in Indy. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with her. And I thought you were going to send the chickens out to be butchered? Do they really run around without their heads?

Katie said...

Amy, the place I thought I could have them butchered at apparently only does cattle! And really, we have such a small number to do, it wasn't worth it to search around the state for someone else to do it. I'm sure they would run around if I had let go! But that would freak me out too much, lol!!