April 30, 2010

Lots of stuff going on-  our oldest is getting ready for her First Holy Communion this Sunday!  Very exciting :)  All this stuff is very new to dh and I as well, since we weren't raised Catholic.  I declined to buy her a veil, since it wasn't listed as required, and they were stupidly expensive, but now I'm freaking out about it- is she going to be the only girl with out one?  What will people think?  LOL!  We'll have a party with some friends and family afterwards. 

I started feeling definite baby movement yesterday, so that's exciting!  Up till now it's been "maybe, but maybe not" so it's nice!  I'm relaxing some, but it's still hard not to be nervous about losing another baby.  One day at a time, I guess.  I have my next prenatal appt on May 5th, and they should schedule the 20 week anatomy scan then, so I'm VERY excited about that.  Excited to see a healthy baby and to learn the sex :)  Bailey is really excited about finding out, too.

Oh, and I found someone to help me dispatch my last 5 meat birds, so hopefully I'll be able to get that done tomorrow and get some actual instruction on the killing technique.  We'll be getting our huge (644 sq ft!!) veggie garden planted soon, too.


Amy said...

Put some flowers in her hair and she'll be fine. Hope it's a wonderful day!

Rightthinker-Andrea said...

Sounds like you have so much good stuff going on! With the good, isn't there always a struggle? I hear you on the worry over your baby...

I'll pray for your peace today. :) You have a blessed day, and know you are loved by your Creator!