June 5, 2010

Curricula for the 2010-2011 school year

I know homeschoolers are always interested to see what curricula other homeschoolers are using, so here is what I'm next school year with my 3rd grader.

Latin- Latina Christiana I

Math- MCP Level C

English- My Catholic Speller Level B
              Language of God Level B
              Classical Writing, Aesop book I, workbook A

Science- Behold and See 3

Religion- Christian Studies I
                Faith and Life 3

History-   D'Aulaires' Greek Myths course
                The Story of the USA Book I

We've also got a few miscellaneous things, cursive and printing copybooks from Memoria Press, art pac from CHC, etc.  This is my first year planning out my own (as opposed to using the premade lesson plans from CHC) so I hope it's not too much (or to little, but I don't think that will be a problem!)  Hard to stop myself, there's much I'd love to do, but I know if we try to take on too much it won't go well.

How is your planning for next school year going?


SAHMinIL said...

we love behold and see 3 from CHC. I'm working on my plans for next year. I'm going to use behold and see 3 again, because we didn't "finish" it. I'm also found an alternative vendor that sells MCP level D books and teacher manual. As you know CHC after MCP level C switches to Saxon. We really like the MCP books and I can't see spending the money they want for saxon when I can still get MCP books for under $20 a piece.

I'm working out the rest but that's a good start I think :)

Katie said...

I haven't decided yet if I want to continue on with MCP or switch over to Saxon!

SAHMinIL said...

yeah..we are getting our mathbooks (MCP level D and higher) from an alternative source. I'll be honest and say it's NOT a "Catholic" vendor. Seton has MCP books but they are the older 1994 (I think) books. I just finished my second year with homeschooling and using CHC. My first year CHC had the older books, but then last year they switch to the newer MCP books. The vendor I found sells the newer MCP books AND teacher manuals. (Seton does not sell manuals)

Shelley said...

Well, you know I'm in a totally different place than you are since my two are in high school, but here goes:

English -
Andrew Pudewa's high school writing program (Institute for Excellence in Writing)

Grammar (Analytical Grammar) high school supplement book A

World Literature (Seton)

Math -
Geometry (MathUSee)for both

Music Appreciation (online course from Rice University) for Meg

Applied Music (piano study) Allison

Computer Science (Alpha Omega) - Microsoft Word for Allison; Excel for Meg

French I (Tell Me More) for both

Spanish II (Tell Me More) for both

Independent Study - American History (Alpha Omega) and documents (Federalist Papers, Constitution, Bill of Rights and more) for Megan

Art (Alpha Omega) for Allison

World History - haven't decided on a program yet

SAT prep (Barron's) for both

No science this year! - Biology 2 for both next year

We'll have a couple more electives and I feel that I've left a core subject out of that list, but that's the main list that I can think of right now.