June 7, 2010

Dh informed me today that our cherries are ripe!  He picked a big bowl so I can make him a pie (after I go get a cherry pitter; I pitted by hand the last time and I won't be doing that again).  I should also have enough to make a big batch of cherry preserves. 

Our green beans and corn were not fairing well.  The green beans didn't come up at all and only about half of the corn came up, so we tilled and replanted today.  Hopefully second time is the charm!

Everything else is doing well, though.  I caged most of the tomato plants and the peppers are doing fine.  The cucumbers are doing great, we'll wrap a trellis around the mounds soon so they can grow up onto that.  We did that last year and it worked well.  I finally got the herbs planted (in planters) and they're starting to come up.  I decided to do a little watermelon and canteloupe in round planters instead of directly in the garden.  Hopefully that will work!

Oh, and the chickens should start laying in the next few weeks, so I need to get a couple nesting boxes for their pen (we still don't have a proper coop built, that will get done in September).  We've been letting them free range during the day, but they've started getting into the garden, so they'll have to stay in the pen for awhile now.  At any rate, I'm very excited to start getting eggs :D


Rightthinker-Andrea said...

How wonderful! I hope your second rounds work perfectly..and YUM on the cherries!

Nothing like the fruits of your labor!

Shelley said...

Pitting cherries by hand....arrrrghhh!!!!! But cherry preserves? YAY!

Hope things go better with the corn and the beans! Because sweet corn and green beans are necessesities of summer livin'.

Anne Marie said...

I love our eggs, and our hens laid all year long, I was told they may need additional light in the winter, but they didn't. Hubby added four more hens this year so we will have LOTS of eggs soon.

The boy thought it would be easier to spray weed killer around his corn than to weed by hand. Yea, maybe, but the overspray did the corn in. He used year long killer too, so much for that part of the garden this year. Woops.

BTW, boys are a blast, seriously, I realize that may sound sarcastic coming after the corn fiasco, but it's not intended that way, seriously, he's a screamin hoot, they do the goofiest things, the great corn death of 2010 just brought that to mind.

Let us know how the cherries go, and what exaclty is "sponge"? Is it a literal sponge or is that a sourdough term or what?

Katie said...

We have buff orpingtons and black giants, so I'm hoping they'll be heavy enough to lay some during winter without extra light!

A sourdough sponge is basically when you "proof" your starter. Sourdough doesn't really rise during cooking, so it's got to get plenty of chances to do so before hand! Still waiting on dh to pick more cherries...I did get the strawberry jam done, though!

Boys sure seem different than girls, lol! I'm sure it will be interesting!